Creative Investments Consultancy

Financial and feasibility studies firms provide consultancy for the companies seek to utilize form the available resources in the optimal way. These services has become almost a must in a competitive globe. The consultancy increase the profit as well as the market share.

This continuous support (whether financial, bookkeeping or marketing) will decrease the risks on the companies

Controlling and mentoring the general ledgers reaching the annual budget is considered an essential process. That is why companies go to consultancy firms in order to define its share and place in the market

based on our academic knowledge and high-profile experiences; we provide the following services:

  • Financial, bookkeeping and organizational consultancies necessary for all projects in order to assure the smooth flow of the operations
  • Bookkeeping and accounting services (automated accounting processes, building mentoring systems, the accounting life cycle, etc…)
  • Assessment for industrial and economical projects as well as the services ones whether they are new, under-establishment or ongoing. In addition, we provide quality systems
  • Feasibility studies
  • Governmental licenses

  • Trading shops and companies as well as the cooperative associations
  • Investors and businessmen seek new business activities
  • Companies that are in need for financial or organizations structures caused by a specific defect or due to new expansion
  • Foriegn companies that wants to invest inside Syrian markets
  • Companies and international organizations seeking services consultancy as a third party
  • Investors seeking feasibility and full studies for their projects and businesses in their countries

240+ Satisfied Clients

This continuous support will decrease the risks on the companies

Credibility: We achieve the desired goals with professional work based on scientific and practical foundations

Transparency: We are committed to working with integrity with our clients to achieve the required investment

Professionality: We work hard and sincerely because our clients are our partners in success

CSR: We are interested in investing our success with community members

Human Capital: the company’s employees are essential partners and contributors to the success of the business

To be the first choice for the client towards successful investment based on scientific and practical foundations characterized by transparency and credibility to return the common benefit to all concerned parties

We seek to provide distinguished services in a professional and creative manner in order to satisfy our customers by enhancing loyalty and professionalism

Skills That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Business

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